Welby Altidor

Group Chief Creative Officer of NEON and former Executive Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil

Visionary and creative artistic producer with over 25 years of experience, Welby Altidor is the Group Chief Creative Officer of NEON, a global leader in the creation and production of immersive experiences with partners such as The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios. Altidor is the former Executive Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil, where he led the creation of popular shows such as Luzia e Michael Jackson ONE. His artistic contributions and creative design have led to the sale of over 80 million tickets to interactive shows, events and immersive exhibitions on a global scale. Altidor is also the author of Creative Courage.

Unleash creative courage

  1. Developing the creative courage to challenge the status quo and realize big ideas: Lessons from Cirque du Soleil
  2. Elevating ideas as catalysts for innovation: because there are no stupid ideas, but foundations to build ont
  3. Cultivating a creative ecosystem: the importance of giving everyone a voice
  4. Planning for failure and seeking feedback: the cornerstone of innovation and long-term success in business